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The 21st Century Virtual Mental Health and Well-being initiative

Project Re-Direct/Youth & Family Services Inc., is a successful 25 year non- profit located in the Upper West Side Park in Newark NJ. This community has more that 51% of its families living below the poverty level. The challenges faced in this community: high unemployment, academic underachieving, gang activity, drug usage, child abuse, violence and environmental stressors. However, most of the community is looking for opportunities that will enable their children to become success adults.

Project Re-Direct has successfully redressed these problems by designing and implementing a comprehensive Saturday and Summer initiative. We are often a bridge that connects public education and the critical needs of children and their families. We offer supplemental education in the subject areas, Africana Studies; as well as Counseling for children and family.

Covid 19 has caused tremendous loss, lack, stress, depression and hopelessness in this community. Our remote Counseling Program

Re-Direct Lives’ will meet families where they are; and develop programs that will address the psychosocial needs of families and their network.

We are looking for a ‘few good men and women’ that will invest in the lives of these families that are struggling to survive and educate their children virtually during this time, with limited resources. Can you support us with a donation? All monies are tax deductible and will be used to strengthen and educate children and parents during this difficult time. Thank you.

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Board of Director: Scott Pennington, Esq./ Chair Reuben Fryar/Chair of Financial Committee Dwayne E. Livingston/Treasurer & Technical Advisor Natina Berry/Public Relations Michael W. Harris/Vice President, Market Manager of Provident Bank

Corporate Board: Modia Butler/Mercury, LLC Inc. Tammeisha Smith / Dunbar Ctr. Kyle Rosenkrans/NJ Children’s Foundation John Abeigon/Newark Teacher’s Union Jessica Quintana/McDonalds Corp. William Best/PNC Bank Calvin Ledford/PSE&G Sean Spiller/NJEA Miles Berger/The Berger Organization, LLC Ritu Singh/Natura Miracles Michael Gray/ District Director at U.S. Congress